Tools of creation – The Gunas

Achieving isolation or propagation of contexts between root tree and it’s sub-nodes is important for them to experience or work on the events of Samssara as individuals. For this, varying levels of ignorance and awareness (about the higher level contexts) need to be present in each of these nodes.

Satva Guna – The property of Awareness

The property of the conscious tree, by which a node would become aware of it being a part of its higher node or tree is called Satva Guna. The term means the property related to truth or knowing. Highest concentrations of Satva Guna would make an entity an Avatar, meaning it would relate itself with the root node, and will be empathetic to all nodes of the tree.

Tamo Guna – The property of Ignorance

Tamo guna provides isolated contexts for sub-nodes in the conscious tree by making a sub-node become unaware of it being a part of its parent node. Extreme concentration of Tamo Guna would make a conscious node see itself as completely independent entity with no empathy with its sibling nodes or parent node (at human levels, this would mean no empathy for other people or the environment). Further, Tamo Guna causes absence of the feeling of responsibility and the concern about consequence of one’s actions.

Rajo Guna – The Property of Intention

Rajo Guna is mostly associated with the intention to replicate or enforce the patterns formed by Sattva and Tamo gunas. Extreme concentration Rajo guna will give the entity an indomitable will power, and capability for relentless action. The good or bad effects of those actions depend on the mix of the other two Gunas in the entity.

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