Its great to be builders and creators in this world. Its greater fun to perform this role with the knowledge of ourselves being immortal entities, and to see the physical bodies as tools to help us in this recreational activity.

Adopting the Sanatana way of life helps one think of one’s own lifespan as a phase in a much larger timeline, and plan projects and systems that last many hundreds of years.

This blog book is only a primer and scratches only the surface of Sanatana Dharma. You can get further information and experiences by joining sessions of a traditional Yoga Guru, engaging with spiritually accomplished men in India, etc.

Congratulations !

We now know something about Sanatana Dharma – The programmer’s way. Its important you share this blog with others of your merit.

Feel free to post your queries and suggestions as comments to the posts here.

You are awesome. Grow Bigger & Stronger !

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