Is expertise in Sanskrit sufficient to understand the Vedas ?

In India Sanskrit experts are the ones who interpret the Vedas for the rest of the people.

But is Sanskrit expertise sufficient to interpret the Vedas which hold the secrets of the created universes and are highly technical in nature ?

To compare, this would be like an English language expert interpreting a text book on Rocket propulsion just because its written in English, for the aspirants who want to learn rocketry.

It is obvious that such an effort will have a low quality and most of the times, will be completely off the point, as the domain specific vocabulary and context specific meaning will not be perceived by non-technical minds, when interpreting technical documents.

May be experts in physics with high intuition, and with working knowledge of Sanskrit should be the ones providing authentic interpretations of the Vedas and the Vedanta, if Sanatana Dharma is to be understood and revitalised among the masses. This is especially so because it is only now that the technical English has developed the vocabulary required to begin explaining the Sanatani concepts in it.

SO yes, fluency in Sanskrit is NECESSARY to understand Vedas, but linguistic knowledge alone how ever deep it is, is not sufficient. “Bhavana”, or mathematical depth in the mind of the learner and “Medhas” the layer which connects intelligence to Atman too has to be clean and keen.