Govt of India needs to do these ASAP to protect Indian culture ( EASY BUT LONG LASTING FIXES)

Rename Hindu religion to Sanatana Dharma in the official records

Yes. Indians need to stop calling themselves using foreign vocabulary

Change Indian calendar from Shaka Varsha to Kali Yuga. And make it uniform across every state

The current localized calendars in different states of India, all of which starts after AD, seems to be colonially motivated. And this has no excuse, because every corner of India is aware of the Vedic Yuga system.

Make Sanskrit Second language through out the country

This beautiful language was a pan national one and the national standard, before being replaced by English. An ingenuous national language helps a lot to grow back the much weakened national pride among Indians.

Enforce at least 30% be Desi Cows in every Diary farm in India

Somebody has to revert the infusion of low quality A1 milk in Indian markets by Mr.Varghese Kurien ( Read more in this blog from Capt Ajit Vadakiyil). Once a communist Govt in Kerala had even made it illegal to own Indian breeds, and caused brutal slaughter or export of 99% local breeds in the state. Need Govt measure to bring our healthier breeds back.

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