Challenges faced by Sanatana Dharma

The world has a central processing unit, which is India; And India has an operating system, which is Sanatana Dharma. This post is about the viruses posing a short term threats to this operating system. (Short term, as Sanatana Dharm is inherently eternal and ever existent.)

Social programming for covert but absolute control

Truth is liberating, and liberated men are not good for the unusual business of absolute mind control. Only that whats introduced as unusual is the most pervasive business we see today. Every media product, from advertisements to movies targets subliminal programming of the unquestioning minds.

Systematically taking people away from truth would entail moving them away from Sanatana Dharm too.

Most of the points mentioned further has their cause in direct or indirect funding from this closed group of people who pose as fountainhead of money in the world. This group however is vital to our world, and many times greed works for greater good, as we shall see in later posts.

“Your false God vs Our true God” belief systems

Understanding federation and unity in plurality is something which runs in the blood of Indians. For long they just couldn’t digest the notion of “false God vs Real God” theory sold by the missionaries of external belief systems in India. This is because they were carriers of a culture which taught that differences are only illusion and truth, though multi threaded and running numerous contexts, is but one.

Of late with the help of persistent subliminal programming via media, a large number of people have been distanced from their roots. They are now easy candidates for conversion from their vast heritage of experiential knowledge, to these “heaven–only-for-us” belief systems.

Media houses and individuals with an agenda

Text and visual media are filled with persistent dozes of subliminal messages. These are content which talks one story to the conscious mind, while conveying a different message to the subconscious. From choice or words in a news article, to sequencing of visual frames in a movie – the means and ways to achieve this are in plenty.

Common patterns in the lives of anti-Hindus

Most individuals who do this are driven by low self-esteem contracted in their young age, of being not as smart as other kids in school.

As they grow, they wishfully think that reading more and more books would help them cover up for an inherent lack of intuition and grasp. Even here they make it a point to avoid technically oriented books, which are usually beyond them.

In course of time, books that provide contents which they can easily imagine, but most people reject (due to obviously impractical content in them), become their best friends. These books make them feel special, by teaching them ways of deception to outsmart the general population.

No matter which books they adopt, they may go by Marxism, western atheism, Neo-liberal literature, pseudo feminism etc, all of them invariably denigrates Sanatana Dharm to get space in the main stream media and satisfy their once hurt selves with newly found false ego.

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