Significance of India

Indian Subcontinent (Ancient Bharat)

What makes India, or BharathVarsh, (which is the original name of the subcontinent) THE vital geographic region of this world ?

So humans are the most important organisms in this world, isn’t it ? Much like neurons within our body – we can make this world move in unison.

For the higher organism which is the earth itself, of which we are the constituent cells, BharathVarsh in a way is the brain where the human “neurons” exist in highest density !

Its well known now that India had schools teaching calculus and astronomy much before Newton invented calculus, or discovered gravity. In fact its not a coincidence that every modern scientific discovery in Europe occurred only after Europeans set foot on India (reference).

To know scale of India – try to visualise this : Indian subcontinent contains more human lives in it than USA, Canada, Entire Europe, Australia and the Entire Middle East put together.

Also, know that India is the largest democracy of this world. And who knows, due to non-authoritarian nature of Indian Govt, large number of tribal population are left at peace and not forcefully included in the national census. Which means India could very well be the largest country in the world (in human value), along with China. China interestingly, has more than twice the area and hence doesn’t come close in terms of the intensity of positive human consciousness India reverberates with.

Clear as day, India, the human capital of this world, is also the soul centre of this planet (personified as Goddess “Bhumi Devi” by ancient Indians).

How does all this relate to Sanatana Dharma which is the broad topic of this portal ? India is the natural home of Sanatana Dharma with 90% of Hindu population of the world living there.

Sanatana Dharma, the original culture of India, is thus the character of this planet.

Is the planet trying hard to keep up during these times – when the gut (consumption) centres hold a controlling grip over her head ?

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