Why is Narayana known as Paramapurusha ?

From the perspective of a Vedantin, Purusha also means – conscious entity.

Parama purusha thus means supreme consciousness.

Purusha also refers to male being when applied to physical context. That could be because the complete information of the physical form of an entity is available in the male gender (Physical body is an expansion of the micro program in DNA, and male information is a super-set by the virtue of having both X and Y chromosomes.)

Whats more interesting ?

Narayana’s abode in physical world is known as VaiKuntha. Vaikuntha broadly means – “uniquely or specially dense/immovable/central place”

Vaikuntha is described to be in the centre of milky white “ocean”. (somewhat like the centre of our galaxy Milky way)

He is depicted to be resting on an infinite serpent known as Ananta (eternal or infinite) which spirals outwards from where he rests.

Seat of supreme consciousness in physical world thus can be assumed to be at the centre of the universe, from where his gravity spreads infinitely in all directions shaping the space around it into a spiral, forming an eternal cosmic serpent (and rightly so – consciousness being the meta of everything, it would very well be true that every continuous and encapsulating structure here is conscious, even the space-time ).

Here’s an Indian classical on Anantha Shaayi Vishnu. Enjoy !

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