Why did Krishna, the Supreme, destroy the Kshatriyas ?

A beautiful rendering of Madhuraashtakam on Shree Krishna

It’s mystifying why the great God would come down on earth as Shri Krishna to destroy all the powerful Kshatriyas of the time, which included all the prominent Kings, princes, highly skilled warriors to millions of soldiers.

Contemplating more on this, one finds that the answer is knitted across Mahabharata.

Mahabharata gives several glimpses of inefficiencies in the society caused due to a corrupted Varna system. By Dwapara Yuga, Varna system in India attained a rigid form based on one’s father’s Varna, while it had to be strictly based on one’s inclinations and capacity for spiritual knowledge based on his/her karma backlog.

Here are some occasions where such anomalies are brought forth in Mahabharata –


Although Vidura was the most righteous and knowledgeable among brothers, he was not made the King citing lowness of Varna. This would later facilitate events which lead to the great war.


Ekalavya was an extremely talented archer. He could not get a proper education in warfare because of being born in the wrong Varna.


Karna was one of the most powerful warriors, almost equal to Arjuna in capabilities. He was so hurt by the discrimination from the power drunk Kshatriyas, that he could never reconcile and join back with this brothers, which would have him leave off the only person who recognised him – his friend Duryodhana.


Krishna, the Avatar/God himself was insulted using caste remarks by Duryodhana ! This in turn ruined last chance for peace between Kauravas and Pandavas.

Yama Dharma as Yaksha

As if to give a direct message, the personification of Sanatana Dharma himself – the great Lord Yama Dharma himself reiterates (via his son Yudhisthira) that one gets his Varna only via his Karma alone and not by the virtue of his birth !
He was asking this question to verify if Yudhishthira was indeed the only person left to be knowledgeable enough to be the Emperor of India. The question was of such import that a wrong answer would have cost the lives of all Pandavas.


Birth/family based class(Varna) system is such a humongous bad karma that God himself destroyed entire communities which protected and maintained such a system.

Unless one is foolish enough to challenge eternal Dharma, one should never promote the Varna/Class system based on a person’s family of birth.

A society based on equal opportunity is the society naturally aligned with Sanatana Dharma.

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