Kalari – the best physical practice

Kalari is perhaps the oldest martial art on the planet. It is indeed the physical practise aspect of Sanathana Dharma along with Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga yoga.

Kalari is also the most lethal of all the martial arts in the world.

The training of a Kalari student spans many years and progresses in the following phases broadly –

  • Routines to create a flexible, agile and strong body and mind,
  • Self defence moves using just the body – bare hand punches, kicks, grasps and throws,
  • Gain skill in the usage of wooden weapons. Train till the perfect synchronisation where each weapon becomes an extension of the body to the student.
    Weapons classified as wooden weapons are : Long staff, short staff, Curved stick/Elephant tusk and Mace.
  • Gain skills in using metal weapons. The weapons classified as metal weapons are: Dagger, Curved short sword, Standard Sword with/without Shield, Spear with/without Shield, Double edged Axe, Trident and the flexible long swords.
  • Training in attacking and protecting the Marmas or the Vital points in the body with bare hands.
  • Training in use of mind and one’s spiritual energy for self defence.

Young boys and girls around the age of 6 should be sent for initiation to Kalari and undergo training at least for 10 years to create a well disciplined, responsible and self aware society.

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