Striving for excellence within Samsaara

Consecutively winning in this world is an intrinsic property of the soul (the conscious node) running the body. This is by the virtue of awareness versus ignorance in a node. Likewise, is the case of not attaining wishes too often in the Samsaara too.

But the awareness levels, and the energy of will, of the nodes change based on their actions (Karma).

The actions that earns this creative energy from one’s parent node (or a node further up), is called Tapas. Tapas of lower magnitudes are termed Vratam and Japam, in the decreasing order ( of magnitude and difficulty).

The energy of will, Paurusham, if earned beyond the threshold of a node’s current level, will allow the node to branch out into further sub systems, and become a higher consciousness of it’s newly formed component nodes.

Every Samsaara thus, is the product of the Tapas of it’s Brahma.

Balanced Growth of Tree v/s Imbalanced growth

When a node performs prolonged Tapas for excellence in a conscious Tree, Paurusham flows into it from higher level nodes. The higher nodes may provide this energy from its existing pool of energy. But if the intensity of Tapas is too high, either higher node blocks the Tapas of lower entity to cut out the demand, or performs it’s own Tapas (to nodes further high) to satisfy this demand from the striving child node.

Balanced growth of the tree is when creative energy flows from Paramatma to Brahma to higher nodes to lower nodes in a sequential and balanced way. A balanced way means overall growth of the tree, such that it’s structure is not changed beyond functional levels.

Imbalanced growth happens in a tree, when a lower node by virtue of it’s high awareness, connects directly to a very high-order node or even the Paramatma itself, and gains energy of magnitude several orders higher than its siblings or even it’s parent nodes. This imbalance causes perplexes as to which worlds or levels are higher or lower in the neighborhood, affecting purpose and efficiency of functioning of nodes there.

Such imbalances if any in the Samsaara, are also set right by Vishnu, the maintainer of the Samsaaras.

A related note from Purana’s – Kerala’s Onam festival

The puranas say that King Mahabali, due to his awareness about the Supreme consciousness Narayana, had en-massed disproportionate energy from him. So much that he could animate the celestial bodies too by his own will. Due to his presence in this world, the souls of the world preferred to get reborn in his proximity, and lost the purpose to strive for higher worlds of existence. This was fixed by Vishnu by making Mahabali submit himself to Vishnu along with all his acquired spiritual energy.

This incident is still celebrated in Kerala as Onam or Thiruvonam.

Thiruvonam is the local name of Shravana nakshatra, which when occurring in Simham month (locally called Chingam) is the birthday of Vamana avatar of Vishnu.

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