Liberation – Back to Infinity

As long as you are within the tree of consciousness, you would keep animating bodies and experiencing Samsaara. Even the root consciousness Brahma keeps animating Samsaaras one after the other, as each of them times out.

It’ unlikely for creative souls to get bored with the process of creating systems and structures. But in case, you really get bored with all this, and would want to sit back and provide just the conscious energy for the deserving and striving nodes, well its then when you qualify for Liberation or Moksha. A comparison from our economy would be a serial entrepreneur graduating into an intuitive investment banker with a special power to create money.

Liberation happens when a conscious node, willfully stops its existence inside the tree, and merges into Parabrahma. Parabrahma is free from cycles of time spanned existence, and is source of infinite energy of will (Paurusham). After liberation, the Jivatma loses it’s identity of isolated existence, loses all obligations to it’s parent node or even the tree itself, and merges with Supreme consciousness.

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