Technology of consciousness – Tantra

There are means and ways, according to Sanatana Dharma, for conscious nodes at a particular level to communicate with nodes at higher levels. This is done by performing a precise set of actions from within the Samsaara. This is known as Tantra, or the technology of consciousness.

Every conscious node has a unique numerical pattern it resonates with it. This pattern depends on it’s position in the tree of consciousness. Other conscious nodes can communicate with it by invoking this numerical pattern in sequence and multiples.

Popular ways in Tantra to achieve numerical resonance and connect with a higher conscious node are by using rhythmic sounds – Mantras and by using representational geometry – Yantra.


A Mantra contains sounds following a specific rhythm and pattern which help connect the entity chanting the mantra, to the higher level entity that Mantra resonates with. For example, Gayatri Mantra connects the chanter to the consciousness of the source of all energy of our world, the Sun.


Yantras are geometrical equivalents of Mantras. Focusing one’s mind on a Yantra has similar affects of chanting a mantra, or can expedite success when simultaneously chanting the corresponding Mantra.

A Note of Prana-Pratistha and Temple worship

A very popular application of Tantra is Prana-Pratistha, which is the process of invoking and installing a higher node to reside in a lower level context of Samsaara.

It follows the understanding that higher node can have multiple representational nodes in lower contexts. These representational nodes need to have strong connections established with the corresponding higher node.

The process invites higher consciousness into a representational body in a lower world in the Samsaara, using Mantras. This is the main process followed to initiate Hindu temples. The idol or Murti of the higher node, is made from conforming materials in prescribed proportions. The scriptures are referred when picking the Samsaaric form of higher-node. The murti is then is installed as a representational body of the higher consciousness using Tantric rituals. The temple premise is henceforth maintained according to the ways of the actual higher node itself. Also, the murti of the temple is henceforth addressed as Diety or Pratishtha of the temple.

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