Beyond the root Brahma, the ParaBrahma

There is a programming consciousness which has an existence even beyond the trees of consciousness, known as ParaBrahma. The term ParaBrahma, literally means – the one beyond Brahma.

The singularity ParaBrahma is the source of infinite Paurusham. Paurusham is the consciousness-energy or the computing-power to program and maintain sub systems. It is from him every Brahma derives the energy to program his sub-nodes and Samsaara. We had discussed earlier that each tree of universe and it’s root is Brahma, who represents, manages and animates the Samsaara of that tree.

This singularity manifests in a unique Samsaara called Vaikuntha, which is connected to every created Samsaaras of their respective Brahmas. The form of ParaBrahman within the Samsaara of Vaikuntha, is known as Naaraayana.

Aspects of ParaBrahma – Trimurti, the Supreme entities

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the Supreme entities of Samsaara as per the eternal order. They are present in all universe-trees, in all nodes, as I understand.

As I see –

Brahma represents aspect of creation of conscious universes. Within a created Samsaara, Brahma is the root node and creator of every other node

Shiva, is the meta entity for time. He schedules lifespans of created Universes and entities within it. He destroys Universes and its entities who have reached their lifespans according to their karma. Shiva thus is the keeper of times for animated entities, is hence known as the MahaKaal (the Great Time) . Please note that although from a logical point of view, Space precedes Time, from consciousness perspective, the sensation of passage of time precedes (and is precursor to) the illusion of space and movement within it. For example, uttering a word silently in the mind doesn’t involve space, but still takes up certain measure of time.

Vishnu, represents the neutral and meta nature of ParaBrahma, and balances creation and destruction to preserve each Samsaara, by making it work efficiently.

A note on the pronoun used for Parabrahma

The author uses masculine pronoun for Parabrahma so as to intuit information- completeness. Every one should already be aware that male DNA with both X&Y chromosomes, represent information completeness of our species.

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