Rules of the game

Law of Karma

So yes, we are ever existent fractals of conscious nodes gleefully animating physical bodies one after the other and enjoying the Samsaara endlessly.

Given the fact that we are immortals, is there anything we have to care about ?

Yes, of course.

When we actively take part in Samsaara through the body, we experience various types of emotions. A unit of emotion (Rasa) mostly falls into one of the following types –

  • Romance, Love, Lust, attractiveness
  • Laughter, mirth, comedy
  • Fury, Violence
  • Compassion, mercy, sadness
  • Disgust, aversion
  • Horror, terror
  • Courage, Daring, Heroism
  • Wonder, amazement
  • At peace

Sequence and duration of these feelings correspond to the event (Vibhava) we experience in Samsaara.

This sequence of events we execute inside Samsaara, which in turn creates in us various types of feelings, is orchestrated based on our past actions. This node-level context which stores impacts to other nodes by the actions of a node is called Karma.

If events caused by us were causes of joy for many other nodes, the events sequenced further for us to interact with, will be joyful too. Needless to say, each Rasa we propagate to other nodes, will eventually be fed back to us by Samsaara. This is the ever strong Law of Karma.

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