Predicting broader nature of events – Jyothisha

We now know that the events sequenced for execution by a conscious node is dependent on it’s past actions, as per the Law of Karma. This holds true at every level of the fractal tree.

If joyful events are in the sequence of execution for the majority of nodes which animates constituent cells of a physical body, the higher level node which animates that body also would have a sequence of blissful events in its life-pipeline. The inverse holds true too.

An example would be this : If majority of cells inside a body doesn’t follow the order prescribed for their cells, and destruction is pending for them as a result of their Karma back-log, the parent body of those cells would have a synchronous Karma back-log to justify it’s own discomfort when those cells get destroyed.

As every event at a lower level node has a bearing on the Rasa enjoyed by the parent/ancestor levels nodes, if you had a way to know the Rasa enjoyed by a higher level node, you can predict the events in the pipeline of lower level nodes too.

From human perspective, this means that – if you had a way to know the Rasa of planet-level entities that are strongly networked to you in the Samsaara, you can very well predict the broader nature of events you will be experiencing too.

The Rasa experienced by Planets with respect to their mutual positioning in space was codified by humans with high property of awareness (Satva Guna) and passed on to us, as Vedic Astrology or Jyothisha.

Jyothisha, which is part of the Vedas, is thus the high science involving mathematics and awareness about all of us being part of the tree of consciousness.

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