Physical bodies of conscious fractals

Each conscious fractal experiences Samsaara by occupying and animating physical bodies within Samsaara. The general size and lifespan of bodies animated by a node, varies according to its level in the Tree of consciousness.

While higher nodes occupy larger entities like Galaxies, planets and stars, nodes at our level take up the bodies of animals and birds. Similarly lower level nodes w.r.t ourselves would occupy tissue sized, cell sized or even atom sized entities.

The bodies and their lifespans are only associated with the Samsaara. Meaning, the fractal nodes continue to animate one body after the other, as each body becomes dysfunctional and disintegrates.

Creation and disintegration of a body of higher node is done by fractals at levels lower than it. Also when a fractal occupies a body, it will have representative bodies at each level lower to it. These bodies are of the sub-fractals to which its tightly connected.

Average lifespans of bodies taken up by conscious fractals at different levels (relevant to us), are as below –

  • Humans : 100 human-years
  • Pitru(s) : 3000 human-years
  • Deva(s) : 306,720,000 human-years
  • Brahma : 311,040,000,000,000 human-years.

Again, lifespans are only of the physical bodies inside the Samsaara. Satvik entities remain immortal even within the Samsaara, by moving from one body to another consciously.

In next post, we will read about the time cycles, or the calendar followed in Sanatana Dharma.

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