Samsaara – The Physical universe


Samsaara is the the world we readily perceive and live with our physical bodies. This is the dream of the supreme consciousness, who is the the root of the tree and the tree itself.

Each fractal node of consciousness animates and experiences physical entities within Samsaara. While conscious nodes like you and me run and experience Samsaara using human bodies now, fractals below us would run living cells in our bodies. Likewise, the fractals above us would run planets and higher conscious systems. The supreme consciousness, which is the root, hence is the consciousness of the cosmos in totality.

The whole Samsaara is a simulation to be enjoyed by Purusha (fractals of consciousness). Beyond the common bandwidth, extremes are rendered only on a need basis. Like probability wave becoming particle only when a conscious observer (player here) looks beyond the quantum veil. Hence it’s know as Leela of Narayana – in other words – the big game of supreme consciousness. The simulation as such is known as Maya, meaning – that which does not exist.

Time Scales in Samsaara

As per the eternal order, there is no uniformly experienced time-scale in Samsaara. The time experienced by each conscious node is relative, and is dependent on the level it resides in the Tree of the conscious universe. Here are some details given by the great Sage Vyasa on this, from the context of humans –

  • 30 Human-Days = 1 day for the fractals above us, the Pitru(s).
  • 12 Pritru-Days = 1 day for the fractals above the Pitru(s) – known as Deva(s) (Their one day is 360 Human days, in other words)
  • 8640000000 Deva-Days = 1 day for Brahma, the root node of the sub-tree of our universe
  • Note –
    • Several levels between Deva(s) and Lord Brahma (which are generally referred as Prajapati(s)) are skipped.
    • There as many universes [BrahmAnda(s)] as per Hindu scriptures.

In next article, we will be reading about the physical bodies animated by conscious fractals within the Samsaara.

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