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Structure of the Cosmos

fractal tree, from JS code

What is the structure of this creation ? Where am I in this ? Any world-view we subscribe to should answer this fundamental question, satisfying and matching with our experiences about this universe.

Let’s learn the Sanatana perspective from Shree Krishna, from his explanation about structure of created universes in Bhagvat Gita. His answer sets the world view right for all the programmers and creators of this world. Here is what he enlightened us on this –

The Fractal Tree of Consciousness

This world is a fractal structure of consciousness, where the root node being the ultimate consciousness, replicated itself into similar children and constituents, each a smaller representation of the supreme itself. The root consciousness from which all other conscious entities came forth is known as Brahma.

In other words, this world is structured as a federated tree of consciousness. Each branch and twig of this tree represents the tree itself, but are able for think and experience events by themselves in isolated contexts.

The tree of consciousness is described as inverted. This is to intuit that subsequent layers (or order) of fractals are derived from the layer preceding them. Preceding orders have higher conscious energy, or the will of actuation in the physical world. Here, they usually have higher magnitude of lifespan, matter and energy in their bodies. Eg, we, compared to the cells living in us.

The isolation of contexts, for registering and acting on events as if each node is a separate entity, is made possible by applying the binary properties called Gunas.

The physical world, or Samsaara, is the common dream of this immortal tree of consciousness. Further, every sub-node of the root tree takes active part in it, following same rules of illusion, called Maya.

We will discuss about what Gunas and Samsaara are in subsequent posts.

Before we go ahead, lets thank Sage Veda Vyasa for preserving this knowledge for us.

Obeisance to the Guru

vyaasaaya viShNu roopaaya vyaasaroopaaya viShNavE |
namO vai brahmanidhayE vaasiShThaaya namO namaH ||

Adoration to the great sage Vyasa, who is of the lineage of Vasishtha, and who verily is the representation of the all pervading God.